2021’s Top 5 Best Commercial Solar Systems in Adelaide

Not many businesses may be utilizing commercial solar panels in their establishments’ premises. Nevertheless, businesses that do use commercial solar systems have their own preferences of the environmentally-friendly power sources’ brands. As we near ending 2021, let’s recap and review the year’s top 5 best commercial solar panel brands in Adelaide, and in Australia: 

LG450S2W450W (LG Solar Panels)

LG is one of the well-known commercial solar panel brands all over the world. The brand’s commercial solar systems take after its residential solar panels, when it comes to being of high quality. Your business will get its money’s worth of investment, in the long run, in terms of purchase of these commercial solar panels. LG Solar Panels comprise of long-term 15-year warranties. LG solar panels yield high-quality amount of power efficacy. Therefore, these solar panels are able to distribute a substantially sufficient amount of centralized power all over the premises of business establishments. 

Sun Power Performance 3 420 W

These solar panels are handy in size. So, these commercial solar systems are easy to carry when there’s a need to move them from one place to another in the premises of business establishments. The warranties Sun Power offers are among the leading protection packages available in the global market. 

Trina Vertex TSM-DE18M(II)480W

Trina solar panels have good warranties, and are affordable. However, it makes sense to say though, the 12-year warranties Trina offers could have been improved. Such a warranty duration seems shorter than the average warranty duration in the solar panels industry. Still, nevertheless, 12-month warranties for solar panels aren’t bad. Because these Adelaide solar systems are very efficient, they are worthy investments businesses can make in the long run. For your information, Trina is also one of the long-lasting existing and most established distributors of solar systems in the market. Trina was established in 1997, and its products are still going strong in the market until now. 

Longi Himo 4 LR4-72HBD450W

Longi systems are the only solar panels that yield monocrystalline of the greatest quality. By using monocrystalline panels, Longi has been able to do exceptionally in the commercial solar panels consumer market demand. Longi has won multiple awards for producing world-class and unique solar panels. Longi offers 25-year, and, at times, 15-year warranties. 

Jinko Tiger Bifacial 475 W

Jinko panels are the number one commercial solar systems consumers can purchase in Australia for 2021. Other brands of commercial solar panels offer the overall quality of Jinko’s features at double prices. This situation is in contrast when it comes to Jinko’s price offerings of commercial solar panels. So, business consumers are able to save money, without compromising quality, by utilizing Jinko’s commercial solar power sources. Get the best solar system for your business space in Adelaide. Check out https://unifiedenergysolutions.com.au/

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