Why It Matters To Invest in a Wedding Filmmaker

Since 2015, over 8,700 weddings on average have been officiated in New South Wales, and a little over 3,500 in 2020 alone according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics. While the numbers have dropped significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wedding filmmakers are still in demand as they have a special role to play in a marriage ceremony. They document a treasured event in the lives of two people. In the past, wedding filmmakers probably did not even exist or were only accessible to the rich and affluent. But with the advent of technology, this has become a major niche in the wedding industry.

Typically, couples invest a lot in wedding planners, catering, venue, and even the wedding gown. But a wedding videographer in Sydney can also get a considerable slice of the pie if he or she manages to impress a client. And younger couples today actually value photos and videos more with the rise of social media and the internet. And it makes sense to invest more in a wedding filmmaker given the following reasons:   

You are producing the movie of your life

If there is one chance to be the producer and star of your very own movie, it’s your wedding. People have been so enthralled by celebrity and royal weddings on TV and in the movies that it makes couples want to have their very own. And all you need is a director which is actually the wedding filmmaker. If you manage to work with a professional one, you will be treated to shots and sequences that can actually rival Hollywood movies and high-end commercials. 

A gift to your treasured loved ones

Martial unions don’t just unite a couple, they also form a bond between families. It’s an occasion celebrated by many people and each of them having a role in this whole event. And what better way to celebrate and commemorate this with a video. Through the talented hands of a wedding filmmaker (and his/her crew), your relatives and friends will feel appreciated because they get to be part of this wedding movie like supporting actors and actresses. And all of them can watch it just like a Netflix movie.

It’s a memory eternalized

And, for the loving couple at the center of this whole event, the wedding movie is not just an object but an heirloom to be passed on to the next generations. In the past, grandparents would usually hand down an old wedding photo as they talk about their special day. Today, a wedding film agency can immortalize wedding moments like a beautiful vivid memory captured on video. And that is a kind of investment where the return is simply priceless.

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