Here’s a Foolproof Exhibition Plan For Novice Marketers

Events like exhibitions are vital activities for marketing people as it is the crossroads where products and services are introduced into the market and purchases are actually made on the spot. With over 2,000 exhibitions held in Australia in a year (according to the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia or EEAA), exhibition stand builders have become a close partner for marketers who want to make the most out of an event. Preparations take weeks or even months of canvassing, ideation, strategy, and implementation. It’s a high-priority workstream for marketing people and ideally, something that should not be rushed.

If you’re a novice marketer planning for an expo, it is important to engage exhibition stand builders in Australia at the earliest time possible. This is because you want to secure a booking with them ahead of other clients and you want to create a leeway in case things don’t happen as scheduled. There are a thousand and one things to add to your event checklist when preparing and being able to delegate them early to an expert team would not only save you time but also help you focus on other things that will require your attention.

When planning for the big day or week, always save a seat for your exhibition stand builders during your meetings. It is important to have them on board in the planning stage especially when you are discussing customer activation strategies for the expo. While marketing people carry a lot of knowledge about marketing, they carry a ton of experience when it comes to event logistics and insights. If you don’t have a creative team with you, they can provide you ideas and creative options in building your exhibition stand that aligns with your company’s branding guidelines.

A typical budget for exhibitions may cost you around AU$10,000 on average, depending on your type of execution and objectives. The great thing about an exhibition stand builder is that they can adjust depending on your budget and offer you alternatives should you hit a roadblock when it comes to managing exhibit expenses. They also carry a wealth of connections and suppliers that can help jack up quality while keeping costs at bay.

The biggest mistake a novice marketer can do is not to consider exhibition stand builders. Yes, you may be able to cut corners when it comes to an expo, but it comes at a hefty price of totally failing your event (not to mention the competitive exhibition stands that will surely eat you up alive). Remember that in expos, you have to go big or go home. It is the opportunity to put your company’s best foot forward so don’t skip on hiring an expert to help you do it!

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