Is Your Bathroom Waterproof? Answer these 3 Questions!

This past year and a half is perhaps the longest time we all have stayed at home as wait out for the pandemic to end. That means spending more time than usual in our waterproof bathroom. But wait, are you sure your bathroom is waterproof? Before you answer that, one must understand what waterproof means. When it comes to your loo, it simply means it is safe from water damage and it is not a source of water damage for the rest of your home.

That is why asking for help from professionals who can do shower sealing in Sydney have a very important role to play in our lives. Water damage can work from the inside out. If left unchecked, it can slowly cause irreversible damage to your home without even realizing it at the onset. You will only find out how worse the damage is when you see your ceiling caves in or when puddles of water start to fill your floor.  So here are some questions to answer to know if your bathroom is waterproof.

1. Are grouts filled in tile gaps?

Grout is a paste-like material that is filled in between tile gaps. It’s pretty standard in all kinds of tile applications. They also play a significant role in ensuring a waterproof bathroom. Tile gaps can be unwanted entry points for water which can lead to an accumulation of it at a certain point in your house. And that area is surely not the drain. Check if there are cracks in the grouts and tiles. Avoid using a shower with no grouts or severely damaged grouts. 

2. Is sealant applied in your shower stall joints?

If you have a shower stall or bathtub installed in your bathroom, make sure to check the silicone is intact in the edges and corners of the unit. This is a protective barrier preventing water from entering joint or edge cracks ensuring a waterproof shower. Without it, water can seep into the sides of your shower stall or tub resulting in water puddles in other parts of your bathroom. If unchecked, this can cause accidents.

3. Are there no leaks coming from your showerhead?

The final check for a waterproof bathroom is a well-functioning showerhead free from leaks. These are often neglected especially when leaks are not very strong. However, if left unchecked plus if you have other issues in your bathroom like tile gaps, these droplets will still find their way somewhere in a place you don’t want it to be. 

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