The Many Benefits of a Stone Garden Path

Pathways should look as impressive as the rest of the house. If you are decorating yours, make sure you are looking at the right materials to lay down on it. For a lot of people, bluestone is most beneficial because it comes with a lot of pros, including the fact that it is easy to install as long as you have a reliable bluestone sealer.

Bluestone building is DIY-able

Unlike other materials, including bricks and concrete pavers, a bluestone building is not as difficult as it seems. Even if you do not have a background in masonry, you sure could manage it. There are only three things you need: a strong back, a reliable helper, and an efficient bluestone sealer.

The first thing you must do is mark your planned pathway. Then, you must excavate to about 6 inches of depth, and run a compacter to keep the soil structure stable. Afterward, you must fill the excavation with stone dust and keep it level with a rake. You should also wet the stone dust and tamper manually or rent a vibrating plate tamp compactor to do the job for you. Once the foundation is set, you may start laying the stone according to the pattern that you prefer and keeping them together with a bluestone sealer.

Bluestone pathways are durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing

As mentioned earlier, easy installation is not the lone advantage of choosing bluestone over the others.

For one, it is durable. Bluestone can last many years with very low maintenance requirements. It is also easy to shift and reposition if ever you need movements in the pathway in the future. You will never have to worry about costly repairs because lifting the bluestone out of the way and putting them all back again is quite simple. Just make sure you have the same material and pattern in your tool shed if in case you need refilling the joints. You should also stock the best sealer for bluestone that you can find for any repair tasks in the future.

Bluestone is also worth the money. It does not cost much, including the stone sealer. And the price that you pay is an important investment that bears fruits of safety and aesthetic beauty for your property. Bluestone is not slippery so they are great for installation even at pool sides.

Best of all, bluestone looks elegant. It adds a touch of class into the property effortlessly.

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